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URPP Adaptive Brain Circuits in Development and Learning (AdaBD)

iPSC Platform

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) for neuroscience

The project

The iPSC Platform is a resource that provides iPSC-derived material, expertise and support. The focus lies specifically on neuronal differentiations (e.g. cortical, dopaminergic) and microglia. We have set up various neuronal differentiation protocols and started collaborations with different research groups of the URPP AdaBD, e.g. for visualization of synapses in collaboration with Martin Müller or for analysis of primary cilia in neural progenitors and different matured neurons in collaboration with Ruxandra Bachmann.

iPSC-derived cortical neurons forming connections (movie: Walther Hänseler)


Services of the platform

  • iPSC-derived material with current focus on neuronal differentations (cortical, dopaminergic) and microglia
  • Consulting and expertise on iPSC matters
  • Ongoing support of projects making use of iPSC-derived material



Walther Hänseler, PhD



Holfeld A, Schuster D, Sesterhenn F, Stalder P, Haenseler W, ..., Picotti P (2024) Systematic identification of structure-specific protein–protein interactions 
Mol Syst Biol