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URPP Adaptive Brain Circuits in Development and Learning (AdaBD)



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Developmental Cajal-Retzius cell death contributes to the maturation of layer 1 cortical inhibition and somatosensory processing
Accepted in Nature Communications

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Hu J, Konovalov A, Ruff CC  (2023)   A unified neural account of contextual and individual differences in altruism eLife 12:e80667 This study used methods developed within the AdaBD project NumRisk

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This study used methods developed within the AdaBD project on organoids

Voigt F, Reuss A, Naert T, Hildebrand S, Schaettin M,  Hotz A, Whitehead L, Bahl A, Neuhauss S, Roebroeck A, Stoeckli E, Lienkamp S, Aguzzi A, Helmchen F (2023) Reflective multi-immersion microscope objectives inspired by the Schmidt telescope Nature Biotechnology

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AdaBD supported this study with important equipment


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A neural fingerprint of adaptive mentalization

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Schoenfeld G, Kollmorgen S, Lewis C, Bethge P, Reuss AM, Aguzzi A, Mante V, Helmchen F (2021) Dendritic integration of sensory and reward information facilitates learning.

Underlined: AdaBD researchers