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URPP Adaptive Brain Circuits in Development and Learning (AdaBD)

Advisory Board

  • Serena Counsell

    Serena Counsell, Prof. Dr.

    • Perinatal Imaging and Health
    • School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences
    • Kings's College London
  • Denis Jabaudon

    Denis Jabaudon, Prof. Dr.

    • Developmental Neurobiology and Plasticity
    • Geneva University Neurocenter
  • Micah Murray

    Micah Murray, Prof. Dr.

    • Laboratory of Investigative Neurophysiology
    • University Hospital and University of Lausanne
  • Leonhard Held

    Leonhard Held, Prof. Dr.

    • Open Science Delegate
    • Epidemiology Biostatistics and Prevention Institute University of Zurich
  • Marie Schaer

    Marie Schaer, Prof. Dr.

    • Autism Brain & Behavior
    • Faculty of medicine University of Geneva Hospitals Department of Psychiatry